Friday, June 26, 2009

Smitten With Poppy - Coach has a new line

Yes, I realize I'm getting a little old for a line like this, but Coach is finally putting some fun items out again with their new Poppy line. I'm enjoying bright colors and definitely loving sparkle, so I think this collection has come at the right time for me.

How cute is this?

Coach New Patent Groovy - $198

And if I have that, how awesome would it be to have these?

New Sequin Ballet Flat - $148

Apparently, I'm really smitten with blue right now too. But let's not forget how awesome silver is...

Poppy Sequin Coin Purse - $148

And you know I love metallics, even if they are pink:

New Skinny Metallic Belt - $128

And, as if I needed further proof that this collection is not aimed at people my age, take a look at what Coach is offering you as a Gift if you spend more than $200 from the Poppy collection:

Honestly, the gift starts to cross over into Victoria's Secret PINK collection a bit too much for me.

Right now I think all of this is probably a touch out of my budget and they are things I don't absolutely NEED right now, but I think having just about anything out of this line would be enough to brighten mood for a good long while. These are definitely not the most sophisticated pieces, but they sure are fun. And everyone could use at least ONE fun accessory, no matter what your age.

I think I may have to start stalking the Coach outlet...