Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Zappos Saves the Day - The Born Haze Shoe Saga

If you recall, I was questioning whether more Born Haze Size 9 shoes were fitting me correctly. I had received those from Ruelala at an incredible price. I also ordered the Born Tarts - which really were too big (my mother will be taking those). But I wasn't sure about the Haze.

So I took advantage of my membership to Zappos VIP and got Born Haze in Size 8 sent to me overnight. Here they are:

I am really a true 8.5. Poor me - Born has to be in whole sizes for this shoe. I chose to keep the 8s. The shoe doesn't slide around on my foot quite as much. The foot bed on the 9 was so much wider that the 9 was more stable to walk in - but the 8 wasn' t bad and I could see my foot getting a lot of blisters from rubbing if the leather stretched out in the 9s. Yes, I'll end up having to pay full price and get a credit at Ruelala, but oh well. I know I'll buy something else from Rue at some point.

Seriously, based on this experience - if you are a half size then you probably want to size down on Borns. The difference for one size was just so much!

What do you think? Right decision?