Monday, June 1, 2009

Zoya Truth or Dare to be Available July 15th

Mark your calendars, because the vampy season is approaching!

Image from Zoya's Blog

Zoya asks us if we will choose truth or dare. My answer is both! These look fantastic! Yes, they are expected and not as original as I have come to hope for from Zoya, but I love them anyway because these types of colors are so much more fun than summer and spring. Thank you Zoya!

With any luck, some of the Truth collection will have a foil finish. I sort of doubt it based on the descriptions, but I have to keep my fingers crossed. I really want some more polishes like Rea.

Zoya Truth Collection
Cassic, bright and straightforward.
  • Penny (ZP492) - copper gold metallic
  • Kalmia (ZP493) - rose copper metallic
  • Salma (ZP494) - scarlet red metallic
  • Isla (ZP495) - venetian red metallic
  • Anaka (ZP496) - fuchsia metallic glimmer
  • Drew (ZP497) - mauve rose metallic

Zoya Dare Collection
Edgy, dark and mysterious.
  • Vanessa (ZP486) - blue red cream
  • Ciara (ZP487) - burgundy plum cream
  • Demi (ZP488) - purple mauve cream
  • Pinta (ZP489) - inky violet cream
  • Envy (ZP490) - gleaming Jade green with subtle shimmer
  • Ibiza (ZP491) - gleaming Sapphire blue with subtle shimmer
From my understanding, the Dare collection is all creams except Ibiza. I don't really like creams as a rule, but these colors look like they will be awesome.

I really want to see how Pinta compares to Chanel Vendetta. I know many of you will say "Vendetta had shimmer in it and wasn't a cream" but I swear on my nails I can't tell. I am desperately hoping that Envy is the answer to my indifference about Nars Zulu because Envy DOES have shimmer. I'm sure comparisons to OPI Rainforest and Jasper Jade will shoot up eventually (neither of which I own, so you won't be seeing them from me).

You can purchase zoya at Zoya's Website.

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