Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Banana Republic - 30% off all Work Essentials

If you're like me, you can never find anything to wear when you're faced with a business meeting in New York (for example) because here in Dayton we're a whole heck of a lot more casual. Well, here's your chance to stock up on some business attire. Banana Republic is having a 30% off sale for "Work Essentials".

When I can fit into their styles, I usually am quite fond of Banana Republic. Even their casual clothing looks quite well put together. Plus, if you can handle the fitted/tailored items you can pick up some great looking basics. The downside, of course, is most of their best stuff requires ironing, which is annoying when you are traveling.

Now, if I could fit into their clothing I'd probably be looking at picking up the following items:

Cap Sleeve Fitted Blouse - on sale for $39.99

Jackson Sleek Wide-Leg Pants - On sale for $55

Sleek A-Line Skirt - On Sale for $41

Not flashy at all - just basics. Noticed some of those items are still available in size 16 - maybe I will pick up something after all.