Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blahnik by Bowman - Awesome Coffee Table Book!

When on business trips, I inevitably end up waiting for someone in the lobby of the hotel I'm in. Of the a period of two days I spent a great deal of time waiting in the lobby. Fortunately, I had Blahnik by Bowman to keep me company. The awesome hotel that offered this coffee table book for browsing? Hotel Roger Williams on 31st and Madison in NYC.

Since I took my own pictures of this book I hope it's ok to post these...

What's the Book About?
Not much of one. It's a coffee table book. It's supposed to be light. Mostly it's a book to showcase Manolo Blahnik shoes. In between the pictures of shoes (works of art) there's an ongoing discussion between Manolo Blahnik and Eric Bowman. To be honest, I didn't read much of this - I found the type difficult to read and just too chaotic to want to focus (even though there were VERY LARGE letters). I just didn't want to think when drooling over insteresting footwear I can not afford.

What was likable?

I didn't take pictures of the shoes I liked so much as the imagry that struck me as odd. Let me show you what I mean. For example, the photographer had a thing for dead things.

Big dead fish wearing a shoe in a sink. Yeah.

Big dead bird and shoe. While I find the shoe interesting (though it reminds me of a centipede and creeps me out) I found this image very disturbing.

Also disturbing were the images I associated with addiction

Enough Sudafed to start a meth lab? Well, no matter - I actually totally want these shoes. Those are garnets, for crying out loud!

Actually, this picture makes smoking look sexy. I love the way the smoke curls around the see-thru strap.

I did have a favorite, though I'm still not sure I love the shoe:

Anyway, I'm going to pick myself up a copy of this book some day when I can keep my coffee table clear of nail polish. I want this for my own!