Thursday, July 30, 2009

Dayton Interest - Take a Ride in the Wright B Flyer

My aunt was recently in town from South Carolina. While she was visiting, my mother had lined herself and my aunt up for rides in the Wright B Flyer over at the Wright Brothers Airport. I was called out of work to go over and take pictures of them for their flight. Let me tell you - it was fun!

Mom, Aunt Linda, and The Pilot with the Wright B Flyer

The people running the flights are a hoot! You can tell they love what they do, that they are interested not only in their topic but love to share what they know as well. They take you up in the flyer for the length of the runway (not more than about 100 ft high). The idea is that they are simulating the original Wright B Flyer flight (and following regulations for their aircraft). When you land they give you a certificate with a toothpick to "pick the bugs out of your teeth".

Mom in the Air

If you have someone along to take pictures (like me), they get to ride around in the staff car:

Yes, that's me in a genuine Model T. How fun!

If you're in the Dayton area, have some time to kill and some money to spend, set up a flight. It was an interesting experience just being an observer.