Thursday, July 9, 2009

Editors Picks from Needless Markup - Loving Ms. Vera once again

I saw a little flyer today in my email box that contained a smattering of editors picks for Neiman Marcus. Very happy to see these two items among them:

Vera Wang - Tissue Organza Dress $1850

I love Vera Wang. Ever since Buffy the Vampire Slayer wore a Vera Wang wedding dress in a nightmare Vera Wang has been someone who catches my eye. Now, I already have my crazy expensive Vera Wang - I too wore one at my wedding. Just had to. But if I were looking for a party dress, had oodles of cash, I might very well grab this one up.

Now why do I like this... Well, I'm a sucker for really great looking brown colors. I can't wear them, but they always look comfy to me. There's nothing that says fall like brown and black. Maybe grey and plaid too, but you know what I mean. I also love it when I can tell someone is having fun with fabric, like Vera is here.

Now take a look at the back. I love the sheer back. Notice the overly larger arm holes. Now, if you're like this lovely model here and are super skiny, that's going to look fantastic! If you're me, something will stick out where it's not supposed to. The only thing that bothers me about those arm holes is that I can't tell if it's the volume of the fabric in the front that makes that left side stick out, or poor fit.

Also notice - the ever so slight hint of a bustle. If you compare the back to the front it doesn't look like she puffs out the top of the waist the way she puffs out the back. I'd love to see a side view of this to see for sure. But either way, I don't think it's over done at all and I actually like the effect here.

Love the black belt at the waist too.

Sergio Rossi - Zipper Platform Boot $1290

Ok, I'll admit that if I had 2k to drop on an item of clothing here it would probably be the Vera and not the boot. But I loved seeing this today. This is my kind of boot! Super elegant and at the same time the zipper adds a slight edge. The way it wraps around is very interesting as well. I could see wearing these with many a fall sweater dress and tights. Probably jeans too. If they are comfortable that is. While I like the stiletto heel, it's not very practical. I'd prefer something a bit more chunky. And I'd like the shaft of the boot to be taller.