Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fluevog's Having a Sale - I bought the Kellys!

What do you think? Have you ever seen a more ME shoe?

Both my husband and I picked these shoes out. He like them because it reminded him of the binkini with grommets I wore when we were on our honeymoon.

How to purchase from the sale: I had to call the NYC store to get these. Ordering from Fluevog's website doesn't always work very well because it is somewhat ignorant of what they have in stock. Gregory Fluevog wrote me to tell me not order through the web at this time specifically because of the sale. 60% off - you can't beat that! Here is a list of stores and numbers for you.

Sizing on the Kellys: When I ordered these shoes I was told to order my true size (8.5). Unlike my Audreys (which even the staff member at the NYC store said was like "putting your foot in a vice") the Kelly's are supposed to run true to size. I was advised not to go to a 9 because my right foot (which is slightly smaller than my left) would be swimming in a 9.

Sadly, I will have to send them back for some stretching. The way the toe tapers it doesn't accomodate my giant-ass toe! A wonderful sales agent named Sean said that they would work on them for me personally.

Keep your fingers crossed! I want these shoes to become signiture shoes for me this fall. Here are a couple of more pics:

Oberon Kitty couldn't resist getting in the shot