Monday, July 6, 2009

The Great Shoe Hunt - True Blood and Pam's Pumps

The last new episode featured one of the most delightful exchanges between vampires Pam and Eric. Eric asked Pam to go check out a wooded area where protagonist, Sookie, got attacked. Pam protested because she was wearing her favorite Pumps.

Ding Ding Ding! Time to Hunt Shoes!!!

I tried to take my own picture but found it very difficult to get a good image using my camera and my television set. Lucky for me The True Blood Blog had a screencapture (pictured left). Bless their hearts, they even cropped it!

Ok, so what do we have to go on here? Well we know the following:
1) The pumps are hot pink
2) They look to be very high heels
3) There is an ankle strap
4) they appear to have some type of design on the side
5) They may have both pink and purple colors in teh shoe.

Well, I went hunting on zappos and came up empty handed. So I mentioned this on the Knit One, Dead Two group on Ravelry. Sure enough, someone found them.

Apparently the shoes are Betsy Johnson. A podcast at reported this. So the wonderful knitters on Ravelry put two and two together and came up with Betsy Johnson's Risky.

Betsy Johnson's Risky at Zappos - $115 (on sale)

They have my size, though seeing them I'm not sure I like them $115 much. Hmmm... Do I splurge?