Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Knitting - Latest Project: Mina's Tuxedo Vest by Wendy Bernard

I asked my husband which version he thought I should make - the button version, or the "in-the-round" version. He chose the button because he thought it would be sexier. Well... maybe on the model in the book, but not on me and not with me being the person knitting it.

Seems I have an issue with creating clothing that is supposed to be custom fit. Particularly with vests. Mine ended up a little larger than I wanted, though I chose a size smaller than I'd need according to my measurements.

The vest is supposed to look like this:

I'm going to give this creation a shot with a few shirts... but I'm not sure I'm ever really going to like it. I'll probably work on a second one in the round - trying to make up for the mistakes I made in this one. I hounded poor Wendy on Ravelry just trying to get this correct. Wendy - I'm so sorry.

Either way, Wendy Berndard's book Custom Knits is Awesome! If you don't knit, or don't knit sweaters it's actually a decent first pattern book. Also check out Wendy's blog - Knit And Tonic.