Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Leanne Marshall Collection on Bluefly!!!

If you're a Project Runway fan like I am, be happy: Leanne's collection is now available!

Honestly, I'm not that impressed. Most of it reminds me of 80's inspired workout clothing, though I know the fabric is different and it really isn't. I was hoping for more. Like this:

Leanne Marshall on Bluefly "Lana" Skirt for $168

If this were made out of some funky jersy, I'd say it resembled something I had in the 80's - but it would have to be hot pink.

Now here's the funny thing. Bluefly is selling this for $168 but says the retail value is $210. Leanne's collection, as far as I know, is exclusive to Bluefly. So does that actually make any sense? I don't think so!