Thursday, July 30, 2009

Random: Freaked Out By the Palm Pre Lady

I was sitting in front of the tv last night knitting a awesomely cute hat for a friend and the (new to me) Palm Pre commercials came on at least three times. Each time I was struck by the following realization:

The Actress (Tamara Hope) in these commercials makes me really uncomfortable!

Why does she make me uncomfortable? I think it's because she actually looks a bit like a fake person, like what a computer thinks we would find pretty, when really she's an anonymous creepy talking head. She just talks in this ultra calming voice and looks... scary. I'm going to quote supreme_queen-1 from the IMDB message boards here and agree: " It's like Cell Phone Girl From Planet Weird. "

And why does she keep saying "bing?" Is she advertising for Microsoft? Maybe she is, but it's just not normal to say "Bing" each time you touch something on your screen, right?

Oh, this one's scarier because she just mostly stares into the camera and says stuff:

The hairstyle is rocking, I'll admit - provided she fixes that hairline a bit. It would be better if they abandoned the cool up-do on poor Ms. Hope and went for a hair down look. Check her out on imdb - she's actually quite pretty.