Friday, July 17, 2009

Very Angry at Lippmann's Celebrate Collection.

I was so excited when I saw this on my doorstep (wrapped of course):

I had to try all three colors at once. I'll spare you the picture of Superstar on my toes but here are my reviews:


This is a polish that is almost worth the price of the entire set. I personally don't own any other copper glitters so this one is unique. Best of all, the glitter is so dense it's a one-coater easily. However I was sad that the biggest winner of this collection was a repromote. Why oh why couldn't Deborah Lippmann have given us two more polishes like Superstar but in different colors?

Ruby Red Slippers
Ok, you were right when you read this is the big sister of OPI Midnight in Moscow and China Glaze Lubu Heels. The base is a sheer black polish, but it's packed with red glitter (like Lubu). What's different is that there are larger hexagonal glitter pieces in here too. The result is that you have a polish that definitely DOES NOT look black from far away. It's glittery gorgeousness throw and through.

Please excuse my lack of clean up in the following picture. I can't find my corrector pen at the moment.

Funky Chunky
Funky Chunky is a big fat FAIL. Deborah Lippmann should be ashamed of herself for letting this into this collection. She would have done much better by making another polish like Ruby Red Slippers but with Turqouis glitter instead. Where Ruby Red Slippers works because the base is sheer. Because of that the glitter is allowed to shine through. In Funky Chunky's case the base is so thick there's no way you can see any of the hexigonal glitter. It just comes off looking like bad application and lumpy. See for yourself:

Doesn't that look awful??? And I swear, that's even application. The only plus on this polish is that it is a very thick black that stays put on your fingers. The downside is, as you can see from my forefinger, if you snag a sequin you get a really bad chip. Also, the sequins just don't show very well. I can appreciate that this polish is trying to be innovative, but it just kinda sucks. This is really sad because if it had been just a straight black polish the glossiness and the formula beat the pants off of Chanel Black Satin for me. But it's just lumpy!

Deborah, I need you to impress me. When someone in your lab comes up with a polish like Funky Chunky that's what you call a prototype - you create it, you try it out, you realize you have "issues" you need to fix, you learn from your mistakes and you make something better. YOU DON'T SELL IT TO YOUR PUBLIC!

Man, I'm getting mad all over again. When was the last time a polish actually made me angry? I don't think I'm being too harsh here - who wants a polish to look like that, presumably, on purpose?

The Wear: All three wear like iron by the way, in case you are wondering.

Bottom Line: If you have Superstar, this is probably a collection to pass unless you are a black/red fiend and just have to have Ruby Red Pumps for your collection. Throw away Funky Chunky. You'll be doing yourself a favor.

Other people's swatches who are better than mine: