Wednesday, July 22, 2009

When It Rains, it Pours. And my roof leaks.

Well, tomorrow is my fifth wedding anniversary with my husband, Mike. We were going to get dressed up, go out to dinner at Orchid's in Cincinnati. Have some good food, good wine, have some fun. We were planning on purchasing bookshelves to house our giant collection of sci-fi/fantasy as a present to each other. On the side, I was going to get us a trip to Vegas. He gave me an Elsa Peretti "Open Heart" necklace from Tiffany's. Sounds wonderful doesn't it?

Plans never workout how they are supposed to.

Well, the chain for the necklace is too small (minor issue really).

I was just informed that Mike may be in Japan during the time I had wanted to plan our Vegas trip. In fact, he'll be in Japan for two trips for about a month's time each, from what I understand (still don't know exactly when). Unless I get to visit, that won't be fun.

The Kitties got their shots yesterday. Oberon is now grumpy and Cicero has a very upset tummy. Cicero's also allergic to one of the shots, so they have to do all this prep to make sure he's ok. Makes for a very large vet bill to start. Now, what will it cost to get Cicero back to normal... the bookshelves? Yeah, that's about right.

Did I mention it's raining and our roof is leaking? New roof, relatively speaking. It shouldn't be leaking. But it is. Roof should be covered under warrenty (we hope). But what about mold?

When it rains, it pours. Why does it all happen at once?

And yes, the boys ARE worth it. Please send some Happy Healthy Kitty Vibes our way.

The "Obes" (Oberon) - Mr. Grumpy

Kitty Destructo (Cicero) - Mr. Upset Tummy/Allergic Reaction
(this wonderful picture was taken by Kara, btw)

Will we end up going out to dinner? I don't know. I just hope the kitties are ok, particularly the 'Ro. He's always been a little sickly. I'll let Mike worry about the roof. I don't need any more worries. At least until the bill comes - bills are my responsibility.