Thursday, August 20, 2009

Behold! The lovely Zoya Pinta!

Now, this is what Chanel Vendetta should have been...

(I swear I thought I had better clean up than this the night before I took the pic)

Notice how cream the color is, how the shade teases you by being a very juicy combination of purple and blue. She doesn't bother to taint her loveliness with shimmer that doesn't show up unless under the power of a camera flash (I'm looking at you Vendetta, though you're gorgeous as well). Oh how lovely is little Pinta! What a perfect fall shade! I received Pinta in Zoya's 5000 Twitter followers celebration gift. I choose to believe that Pinta was not one of my free polishes in that order because I gladly would pay every penny for this lovely lady!

The Color: Remember that shade that Violet turned in Charley in the Chocolate Factory when she was eating that blueberry gum? Now, picture that but juicier! Best of all, I don't think it would be all that easy to mistake Pinta for black, like other dark purples can.

The Wear: Zoya's creams are always nice on me. This one I had barely any tip wear or chips after three days.

The Bottom Line: Pinta's a hot chick and she's my pick out of the Dare collection for Fall, though I suspect I'll pick up a couple of her sisters as well sometime soon.

By the way... word is Zoya's hiking their price to $7 a bottle in October. Caught that little tid bit on Twitter. Not that they wouldn't still be worth it. Zoya's quality is some of the best, particiluarly for the price, in my opinion.