Saturday, August 29, 2009

Lashes On My Mind - Funny Story, Some Tips, and a How-To from MAC

It seems today I'm surrounded my lashes!

Funny Story:
I was awakened this morning by a phone call from a friend (who will remain anonymous). She had been curling her lashes and, I kid you not, her lash curler had closed shut around her lashes and it wouldn't reopen. Sounds like a prank, right? Groggy, I asked her what type of eyelash curler she had. It was a plastic one with a button you pressed to open and close them. Huh?

Ok, I was pretty much under the assumption that most eyelash curlers operated manually - why mess with a classic that works, right? I've seen heated eyelash curlers, and plastic curlers, and curlers that close when you press two sides of the handle together, as well as the traditional metal joint-operated curlers. But this was something new to me. I hoped on MUA for advice.

Before I could finish typing a question to the Makeup board, my friend had gotten herself free of her curler by pressing on the rubber strip in the curler. Thank goodness, because I could find no way to phrase this question that wouldn't have labeled me some kind of wacko on the Makeup board. I haven't bee hanging there for a while, so I doubt any of the current people would remember me. Anyway, crisis averted, right? Good.

My Advice to My Friend:
Go get a Shu Uemura curler like everyone else. Or if cheaper is necessary, get MAC's. It's decent. But avoid Revlon's - that always snapped my lashes in half after a while.

MAC's Eyelash Video with Victor:
Immediately after the call from my friend, I went into my email box and found a mailing from MAC Cosmetics talking about their Artistry video with Victor on False Eyelashes. "Eye-yaye-yaye!" More lashes??? Well I watched the view. It's pretty good and straight forward. Victor gives some nice tips about blending the lash into the lash line (which I am not good at, by the way), and about timig. Timing and Duo Adhesive always was tricky for me. Wait to long, no more stick. Put it on too soon (or use too much) and your lashes slide all over the place. So if you're looking for a very quick tutorial, this one isn't bad.

Additional False Eyelash Tips:
I did have some tips that I've picked up from MAC sales associates at my local counters that Artist Victor didn't mention.
  • Trim your false lashes to the correct length for your eye - one size does not fit all, but they give you enough to play with trimming.
  • Save the Extra Lash - after you trim your false lash, you can save the extra for use once the lash is applied. You can glue that little bit just above the larger false lash strip right on the corner to give that outer edge a little extra oomph. This works REALLY well.
  • Curl your lashes a second time - Once your lashes are dry, if your lashes don't seem to be meshing well with the false ones, take your curler and curl them together a second time. I don't like to do this, but sometimes I have found it necessary. Occasionally I'll work with the mascara again too.
Anyway, that's all I have for you today. If you are looking for more lash tutorials, there are PLENTY out there. YouTube can be a wealth of knowledge for stuff like this.