Friday, August 21, 2009

Project Runway Season 6, Episode 1

I had so much fun watching the return of Project Runway last night on Bravo I decided maybe I'd post a few thoughts around the episode.

Let's start with the loser:

Ari's Crazy Whatever

Ari's design was funky. I don't think it was really red carpet but she could have defended it better. Instead of trying to project it into the future (I think she said it was made for the VMAs in 2040) she could have just said it was VMAs. She also could have talked a little bit about the type of celebrity she had in mind. Honestly, I thought in maybe some strange version of this universe I could picture Fergie in it. But lets be honest - it was a really frakking weird outfit. I was just surprised she got kicked off and not poor Mitchel who had issues with fitting his model. In the history of this show, as long as I've been watching, the first person kicked is usually someone who didn't finish, not the person with the crazy design.

On to a few others... Do you think Shirin's dress looks like what would happen of Anthropologie tried to do the red carpet?

Shirin's Old Hollywood Glamour

I think it's the caplet that gives me the Anthro vibe. How many times have I seen that little shoulder covering piece of fabric on that site? Granted it's usually knitted out of a wook-acryllic mix, but same concept. Shirin said she was going to go for old Hollywood glamour. I wasn't picturing this.

And the winner...

Christopher... Like this wasn't going to win.

I don't know about you but when I saw Christopher's dress turn the corner I knew this would be the dress that won. Honestly, I think it was the fingerless mitt accessory on the right hand that really set off the dress. And look at those shoes! Macy's accessory wall... too bad this was filmed so long ago. I'd be hinting those shoes down!

On a surprising note, designer Althea is from Dayton! How much would I love to take her to lunch and ask her about her experience! When I heard she was from Dayton I immediately started to dismiss her. But I suspect she'll be around for a little bit longer. Here's what she made:

Althea's Design

This reminds me a little more of Old Hollywood Glamour than Shirin's dress but I don't really like this. I'm curious to see what Althea does in the future, but I found this particular dress to be a little forgetable. Plus, I think it's making her model look a little larger than she actually is - which I don't think Althea really wanted to do.

Overall, I was happy with the Red Carpet Challenge. I was a little dissapointed they didn't start the designers out with a wacky challenge. This was almost dull. After so long of a wait to see it, I felt a little let down. Then again, I might not have felt that way if this season had aired on it's normal schedule. Yes, I realize I just contradicted myself, but I was happy and disappointed.

Did you watch? What you did you think?