Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Project Runway Starts Tomorrow! I'm so excited...

I have been so busy I nearly forgot that Project Runway begins on Lifetime tomorrow. I'm not even sure what channel Lifetime actually is on my television, but I'm sure I'll learn it fast. I've been having withdrawal!

As you know, I spoiled myself rotten when the finale pictures appeared on Ghetty Images way in advance of the show being aired. But I am dying to know if that much pink on Heidi came off on television as bad as I thought it did in pictures. Don't get me wrong - Heidi looks great in just about anything. But I've got a while before I find out the answer to that pink pickle.

Needless to say, I'm probably most excited about seeing one of my favorite television personalities again: Tim Gunn. Yes, sometimes his tastes can be a little stuffy (read his book) but every now and then I think everyone needs a little Gunn in their life.

Have any of you looked up the designers? Who do you think the front runners are going to be? Let me know in comments...
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