Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Great Boot Search Leads Me to Elle UK

Bit of a rambling post but had to share my thoughts...

I stumbled into Borders earlier this week and happened upon this:

Image from Fashionising
(The version on the Elle UK site was not as good)

So I subscribe to Elle, and I get the American version. Why don't we get awesome covers like this? Seriously. We got Jennifer Aniston this month if I remember correctly and it's a boring picture. I don't even read my Elle half the time. But if I had a pic like this I might actually crack the cover. But that's beside the point. Did you get a load of those boots?!?

I noticed those boots from half way across the store, before I ever saw who was wearing them. I knew I'd seen these before. A quick Google search revealed them to be the Christian Louboutin Supra Fifre Thigh High Boots (which I guess Saks was selling them for $1995 before the sold out). The point is I can't decide if Lindsay Lohan makes the boots look hot or if the boots make Lindsay Lohan look hot. I'm putting my money on the latter, though. Regardless, my thought was "why can't I find boots like that??? That's so what I've been looking for!"

Minus the $1995 price tag, of course.

My husband, who loves knee-high boots and over-the-knee boots decided he was going to help. He Googled "over-the-knee boots" on Google and proudly sent a link to me via email. He came up with these:

Gina boot from Snaz75.com for $63.99

Husband says: "They'll probably fall apart really fast, but they're not nearly as expensive!" You'd be right if you guess by the picture that they came from a site selling stripper shoes.

To him, it was the concept. Knee high boot (or over-the-knee as the case may be). High Heel. Lace Up. Material didn't matter, brand name didn't matter, none of it mattered... it's just the look.

And you know what? He's not wrong.

Why haven't I tried looking at sites for stripper shoes to satisfy my desire for awesome knee high boots? Well, quite honestly, they just seem trashy when I look on those sites. But really, what's the difference?

  1. The Picture - the picture of the stripper shoes alone make them look trashy.
  2. No Celebrity Endorsement - LiLo's not wearing these babies on Elle.
  3. The Material - Probably not the same quality leather, but does that matter if you're going for the look?
  4. They Probably Will Fall Apart - For $1995 the Louboutins better not fall apart. Ever. But I have no garantee.
  5. No Red Heel - It does look pretty cool on these babies.
  6. No Designer Label
Really, the only concerns should be 3 and 4. My husband would further the argument for the stripper shoes by saying that the Louboutins would fail a cost-per-use analysis For the price I get more bang for my bug with the stripper shoes. But is that enough?

Were the Supra Fifre's available, and if I had the cash to spare, and if I had skinny legs they would actually fit around I would have to ask myself the following questions: Is it the brand name that makes the Supra Fifre classy rock-chic? Am I enamoured simply due to the styling of the image? Does the celebrity have an impact? (That's a big "no" for me because it's LiLo). Are the Louboutins really a superior product both in quality and in looks? Is that superiority enough to justify the price difference? Did I think these boots looked familiar because I'd seen the Louboutins before or was I really thinking about Stripper Shoes?

What about the Stripper Shoes makes them trashy, while I continue to think of the Louboutins as super frakking awesome?

It's an interesting question to me because certainly the larger price tag does not come with more comfort. If anything, my excursion to Saks Off Fifth in San Jose back in July taught me that quite often comfort is far from the prime consideration when designing high end shoes.

I guess I don't really have the answers. My quest for boots continues. But hey, I got to share with you a really cool magazine cover!

Do you have the answers for me? What makes the stripper shoe trashy while the Louboutins remain classy? Ok, maybe not classy on Lindsay Lohan... but you know what I mean.