Monday, September 14, 2009

Rave for Zoya's Color Lock System - and My Poker Chip Tips

Sorry about the claw-like pic but it was too hard to hold three bottles at once.

What's up with the nails? Well a week ago I went to my first real Poker game. Money and everything! So I created myself a cheat sheet. The Green polish on my pinky represents the lowest chip, and the grey on my thumb represents the largest. I thought I was being both silly and inventive. I heard a lot of "I'll raise you two middle fingers..." that night. Fun!

Ok, so what are the colors?
  • Pinky - Zoya Irene
  • Ring - Zoya Raven
  • Middle - Zoya Pinta
  • Index - OPI DS Treasure
  • Thumb - Zoya Harley
It's a shame I don't have an Orange Zoya, no? Well I had one once - Kaufda. She didn't suit me. Looking for another.

Now for the Rave...


I was one of the lucky ones who won Zoya's Color Lock System in a Twitter contest held by Zoya Nail Polish. Awesome, huh? Well, get this - I wore my poker chip nails for a full week. It was 5 days before I saw a chip on any of my nails on my left hand. 5 WHOLE FREAKING DAYS! And the finger that had the chip? The index with OPI DS Treasure on it. I thought my ring finger with Raven would be the first to go, since black polishes are notorius for chipping and looking horrible.

Well, I'm sold. If you're Zoya lover, go get their Color Lock System. It's awesome. Now, it didn't work well at all for OPI DS Treasure, but why would it? Totally differen't brand, right?

The only downside to the Color Lock System is that there is no fast drying top coat. But they do have their own version of OPI's Quick Dry Drops and those work just fine.

My Advice: Get the Color Lock System from Zoya next time they have a "buy the Color Lock System" Special. They seem to run a deal where you get the System plus a collection quite often. I hope they continue to do so. I will let you know when they do as soon as I know.

In the meantime, I think I need to do a full set of Raven to test my theory about how cool this system really is.