Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sephora by OPI - Run With It

When I met up with Michelle from All Lacquered Up and Steph from Steph's Closet a couple of weeks back I asked Michelle to pick out a color for me when we were in Sephora. This is what she chose:

Not too bad. I was skeptical when she suggested Sephora by OPI's Run With It. She said she really liked it and I should go for it if I "I liked those putty colors". Well I usually don't. But I was still pleased with this polish.

By the way, yes that is Zoya Posh you see still hanging around my cuticals. That lady was B*tch to remove. Staining, lots of color bleed all over my hands - I thought I was going to have pink -red fingers for ever.

The Color: Light gray with a very slight metallic gold shimmer. Very unique, in my opinion.

The Formula: I think I only did two coats for this one. It applied evenly. It may have just been my perception of the polish because of the color but it did seem a bit like laying down concrete. Not sure why...

The Wear: Great! This picture above was taken after a day and I have only minor tip wear. I used Orly Bonder and Lippmann Addicted to Speed top coat.

The Bottom Line: If you like putty... but this lovely lady is a bit pricey for something that bares the name "Sephora" and "OPI". Then again, Sephora brand's prices aren't what they used to be...