Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Zoya Posh is LOVE (with reservations)

I've been putting off this post for so long...

Zoya Posh was love at first sight. It's really a gorgeous red! And don't let the matte fool you - she gleams! It's a rough gleam, but it's there. However, my love with Posh has some problems.

Zoya says you're not supposed to wear this polish with a base or a top coat, that it's meant to wear alone and it is meant to be a short term wear. Well, what I consider short term is very different that what other people consider short term (long term for me is three days). However Zoya posh didn't even meet my expectations when I followed the directions:

About 12 hours after application...

I swear all I did was apply the polish, take a shower, sleep, wake up and take a picture. That's all. Crazy right?

Well, at the advice of Michelle from All Lacquered Up I tried this polish again but this time used Orly Bonder as a base coat:

After longer than 12 hours time...

Zoya must mean to wear it with any other sticky base coat BUT theirs, or something, because this was a million times better.

The Color: Probably the most perfect, not-quite-cool red out there.

The Formula: It really does show every flaw. Look at my ridges! How can they expect us to wear this without bases? Don't even bother touching up chips. It'll look like hell. Redo the whole nail.

The Wear: Clearly, this depends on your base. Most. Brittle. Polish. EVER!!!

The Bottom Line: I love Posh. I will wear her for fleeting moments. But if you're looking or longevity I'm not going to recommend her to you. If you don't mind your Zoya lady being high maintence then by all means, fork over the cash.