Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Zoya Richelle Is the Best Gold EVER!!!

I can't believe I forgot to post this one. Originally I was skeptical of Richelle. I don't like golds that much, and Richelle looked like it might be too brown-gold for my taste but it turns out she is just right.

The Color: Gold, almost foil. It's not really brown-gold, it's not yellow-gold, or orange-gold. Just straight gold gorgeousness. A friend of mine has Jinx and I think that one is darker, more brown.

The Formula: I got this to go on with two coats. Depending on how thin you coats are you might need three.

The Wear: Excellent! I took this picture a day after. The only wear I have is where my own index finger peeled on me.

The Bottom Line: A must have for the gold connoisseur. A good buy if you don't own any golds. A must if you're a Zoya fan and you don't own any other Zoya golds.

Just A Couple of Silly Comments:

When I see the name of this polish I am reminded of a pair of twins I knew in college: Rachelle and Rochelle. I they'd had a third sister, I bet her name would have been Richelle.

I read this series of Sci-Fi/Fantasy books by Rachel Caine dealing with people called Weather Wardens who work in conjunction with Djinn to save the world from itself. (Yes, saying it all in a nutshell like that makes it sound really rediculous). There's a Djinn character in there called "Rahel" who for some reason I always picture wearing long golden nails. I think Rahel would be wearing Zoya Richelle.