Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bloggers and Regulations - Go check out ALU

I just read this wonderful write up on how the FTC is regulating bloggers and their free swag, written by Michelle at All Lacquered Up. If you write a blog, or even just read them, it's really an interesting little article. I think Michelle outlines both what is happening as well as her thoughts about what is happening very well.

I remember back in August when Michelle, Steph (Steph's Closet) and I met up in Columbus we talked a lot about this topic, or at least similar topics. For me, this was a completely different side of blogging to what I know. I've never had to deal with the business aspect about writing a blog - I don't have the viewership or the recognition in the blogging world to get press releases, receive swag, get asked to do reviews. I don't have the type of blog that would. I doubt I ever will. But that's not the point...

The point is I know that some of my readers (who may or may not read ALU) have much more established blogs than mine and may be affected by the FTC regulations much more than I am. In case you missed Michelle's post and happen to be reading mine, I figured I'd alert you to the educational material provided there.