Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bluefly's Blogger Showdown

If you're on Bluefly's email list you probably already got this but I thought they presented an interesting little question: Who Rocked It The Best?

What is "IT"? This thing they're calling "the Boyfriend Vest":

And who are "They"?
No surprise - I didn't know any of these blogs existed. But I do now. And that's really the point, right? At least from the blogger perspective. From Bluefly's perspective, if these lovelies are well read then Bluefly's bound to get more traffic.

I sort of love these mutually beneficial relationships between bloggers and companies. At least I hope they are mutually beneficial.

Anyway, who did you vote for? I like a few of them. I'm more excited about learning about different blogs to read. How fun!