Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hard Rock Barbie and Other Fun Things in Dotomburi Osaka.

Look what I found at the Hard Rock Cafe Osaka:

My husband dubbed her something like "Goth Punk Skank Ho Barbie" but I sort of love her. If I'd had an extra couple hundred dollars she would be mine. Her price was something like $110000 yen.

The entire time we were in Osaka my husband kept saying to me that we had to go to Dotomburi. Yeah, I had no idea what that meant but apparently he thought I would think it was really cool. We started at the Hard Rock Cafe Osaka (which, by the way, has Hello Kitty Hard Rock exclusive items) and walked to Dotomburi. Here are the pictures of my walk there... you will understand why I was in awe.

You get the idea. Sort of "The Magnificent Mile" but in Osaka. My husband even took me into Tiffany and Co. and purchased me a charm to get me started on a Tiffany charm collection for my travels. It was WONDERFUL!

Now, contrast that with Dotomburi itself:

Obviously, this was the night life I had been missing out on...

The picture doesn't do it justice. On the streets where cars couldn't go... wall to wall people. But if you managed to get a look inside the stores you'd find some very cool accessories:

Rhinestones and beading were very big, let me tell you. It was a lot like Claire's, if Claire's stuff was actually fun and cool. I have a low opinion of Claire's - almost everything I buy from them falls apart immediately. I've worn my clips from Osaka several times now and they're fine.

By the way, did I mention they also had awesome underwear?

Obviously, I was a fan of the plaid set on the right. But wow... 8800 yen? I think that's about $95 now. Way too much. Not that I could fit into any of that.

My husband will kill me for posting this, but I think this picture does an excellent job at describing just how unique this district actually is:

I couldn't stand the crowds for more than about 1/2 hour. But if you get to Osaka, definitely go down to Dotomburi. The Hard Rock is right by the station, then just start walking toward the water. You'll have fun. Try the Okonomiyaki. Avoid the Fugu (if you're scared like me - otherwise tell me how it is when you live).