Thursday, October 15, 2009

Holy Pink Pagoda! (Literally... my visit in Kyoto)

Actually, I don't own "Holy Pink Pagoda" by OPI but it sure came to mind when I was at the Kiyomizu temple complex in Kyoto last week. At least I think that was the name of the complex. I saw a LOT of temples in Kyoto. This particular complex was pretty fun because there were two big buildings, and a bunch of little shrines. The shrines mostly seemed to be dedicated to Love and Marriage, so my husband and I rubbed a bronze Buddah belly and purchased a couple of temple charms like the tourists we were. It was a LOT of fun - and a lot of stairs.

My favorite Temple was the Ginkakuji Temple, otherwise known as the "Silver Temple". Now, from my understanding it was supposed to have silver put all over it but never got it's gleaming veneer. Here it is from the mountain walk behind the temple complex:

Yes, the Silver Temple is as serene as it looks. Beautiful.

Now, it's called the Silver Temple because of it's sister temple The Golden Temple:

Easy to take pictures that look like Post Cards at this temple. My husband thought this would be my favorite but it was much too busy to be my favorite. In fact, we were sort of ambushed by a group of Japanese School Girls who we think were doing a project for their English class. They asked us a ton of questions, so it was either a class or they were running a mini scam of some sort...

The Golden Temple is worth seeing - and I wouldn't have believed it was made out of gold if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.

We also went to a touristy show in Gion Square. The show was rather silly and forgettable but the tea ceremony instruction afterward was a lot of fun. I was, however, deficent at making tea. Take a look at my green tea (top) vs. my husband's frothy green tea goodness (bottom):

Overall, I would definitely go to Kyoto again. If you go, invest in a bus pass. It will be your best friend. Also, a LOT of deodorant and take plenty of tissues because you'll be using the nastiest bathrooms at some of those temples. I was not made for squat toilets.