Friday, October 16, 2009

My Observations - Dressing Trendy in Japan

Sadly, most of my pictures trying to illustrate my observations did not turn out too well so I'm going to try to do my best to describe what I saw as best I can. Regardless of the cities I was in (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto) there were definite "trends" fashion-wise I saw everywhere I went. Oddly, it was extremely uniform. To me, it seemed like everyone still dressed alike even though they were no longer wearing school uniforms (and yes, the Japanese school girls really do wear the uniforms). However, this fashion "uniform" was very awesome and stylish (and really easy to do).

What I mean to say is, it seemed almost every "trendy" woman I saw was wearing the same elements in their clothing:

  1. Awesome Shoes (specifically Boots) - It's ALL about the shoes. Every girl had a pair of really awesome shoes. Mostly these were "boots. If wearing jeans, the boots were worn on the outside and were knee high. If wearing a skirt, boots could be any height from bootie to thigh high depending on personal tastes. Tights were often used in conjunction with these boots. By the way, the boots were REALLY FRAKKING AWESOME. Not your standard styles.
  2. Layers - Almost always short sleeves were layered over something with longer sleeves. If not, a jacket was worn.
  3. Scarves - Every woman had a scarf. Sometimes two at a time.
  4. Skirts - Now, I mentioned Skirts in conjunction with boots but I have to be clear. Skirts were knee length, or slightly higher than knee length. Not long. Not super short (most of the time)
  5. Tight Jeans with Boots on the Outside - If a skirt was not warn, it was usually passed up in favor of tight jeans with awesome boots worn on the outside of the jean. Most often paired with a sweater and a scarf.
  6. Leggings - Quite often women wore tunic length dresses or skirts with leggings. And of course, very cool boots over the leggings. Sometimes these leggings had decorative rips or lace panels. You've seen this trend I'm sure if you've been watching the department stores or runway shows for this fall.
  7. Fur (0r Faux Fur) Vests - I saw these everywhere. You'll see them in the pictures I'm showing below.
  8. A Pink Cell Phone - No joke. They were almost always pink for girls
Now for some pics - just for fun!

See the boots and the skirts with the layers? Also, I'm very excited about that knit bag...

I believe this was Cynthia Rowley... but notice the fur vests/shrugs. All over the place, I'm telling you!

Fur vests again, though this wasn't nearly as pretty.

Yes, that's "British Punk" as interpreted by a Japanese Woman. Pretty fun, huh?

And my husband pointed this out to me. I'm so glad he did because it was one of the most awesome outfits I saw the entire trip!

That should give you an idea bout the boots I was seeing.

My Great Boot Hunt
I'm disappointed. I found a Liz Lisa pair of boots I liked very much but I couldn't pull them over my calves. They were black suede lace up (though the laces were decorative) and a small ruffle around the knee. My husband suggested we buy them, get different laces that were adjustable, then they'd fit over my calves. But I wasn't about to spend $100 on a pair of boots in from Japan that may or may not last AND have to perform surgery on the boot to get it to fit! Oh well. I at least am still boot hunting!

I wish I knew how to walk in heels the way the women in Japan walked in those heels. Amazing!