Monday, October 26, 2009

Polish - Zoya Raven and Testing the Colorlock System

I realized in all my work-craziness lately I forgot to post this. I had wanted to also test the Zoya Colorlock system again on another Zoya polish. What better test than a test with Black polish? For some reason I always find that Black Polish seems to chip the fastest on me - or rather the chipping is far more noticable. A worthy test!

This picture was taken, I believe, at least 3 days after application. As you can see, I only have some minor tipwear on my index finger, and that is mostly due to my badly peeling index. If you want to wear black, I would definately go with Zoya's system.

Now for Raven...

Color: Zoya's answer to Chanel Black Satin. Identical to Black Satin in every way but price. In the bottle you can see subtle shimmer, but really on the nail it looks like a flat cream.

Formula: Opaque in two coats. Usually pretty smooth. Good Zoya quality as always.

Wear: Honestly, before trying the Zoya Colorlock System with this I would never have said the wear was good on this one. But now that I have, I have to say it's excellent - with the system. Finally, a relatively long wearing black!

The Bottm Line: If you want a black, get Raven. She's pretty!