Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tokyo - Window Shopping In Ginza

I've been taking my time getting these Japan trip posts out. So much to share, and so little time. Fortunately, this is the last spot I think I saw that might be of interest to you readers:


For those of you who don't know about Ginza, it's basically THE shopping district in Tokyo (from what I know at least). Designer boutiques on every street, mixed in with other more common brands and stores, lots of people and and something for everyone. Far more crowded than the designer street on the way to Dotomburi in Osaka, but not nearly as crowded as Dotomburi itself.

Now the cool thing about Ginza is that because of the heavy street traffic, they seem to shut off some of the streets to cars (at least some of the time). It gave the atmosphere a much more street-fare feel to it than an area like this usually has.

Experience Shopping "Designer" in Ginza
Do you ever feel like you're being judged when you walk through the door of a designer boutique in the States? I always do. I always feel like I don' t belong, especially when I'm wearing just jeans and a t-shirt. It doesn't matter how much cash I have to spend, if I'm not the picture perfect image of what the sales associates expect, then I get that "can I help you?" that you know translates to "What are you doing in my store?" or ignored completely. The opposite was true in Japan. Every store I went into, whether it was an upscale department store, Burberry boutique, or the Mont Blanc store my husband wanted to go in we were greeted with a seemingly genuine smile, and associates rushed to help us even though they knew we were just looking. The snobbery was just not there. I wish the exchange rate had been more favorable - I would have gone on a shopping spree just because the experience was so much better in Japan.

Now the fun stuff...

Anna Sui Makeup in a Shopping Mall in Ginza
(the polishes looked AMAZING)

Some Funky Shoes I Saw

My Husband Enjoying Sapporo in the Oddly Located German Beer Hall in Ginza

Overall, we didn't stay too long in Ginza - Long enough to have a walk up and down the main streets, stop for a snack at a cafe, have some beer in the Sapporo German-style Beer Hall we found (very out of place and strange). I preferred Osaka a bit more, honestly. But at least my husband got his beer.

While I didn't purchase anything in Ginza to bring back with me, my husband did take note of my admiration of Burberry Brit perfume at the Burberry boutique and purchased some duty free on the flight home while I was sleeping. Very thoughtful and sweet of him