Monday, November 23, 2009

My Cat Swollowed my Beading Needle!

Been meaning to post this for a week.... but I had a rough week at work plus I had to deal with THIS issue.

Recently, I took up a new hobby: Beading. My goal was to be able to learn how to make accessories in a cost-effective manner. Well, cost-effectiveness goes right out the window when your kitty swallows your beading needle and a yard and a half of thread.

That's my wonderful boy Oberon with a beading needle in his belly. I didn't expect him to do this, though I'm hardly surprised as he likes to eat my knitting yarn (only if it's purple) and I have to put that away out of his reach constantly.

Oberon got really REALLY lucky.

While I'll always feel guilty because I left my project out, Oberon should be thankful that as a cat he has nine lives. I think he used up about 5 of them this time - the doctor on call at the emergency clinic was awesome with the fiberoptic scope. She didn't have to cut him open - she just went down the throat and snatched the needle and thread. My regular vet says that is quite a skill to have and was incredibly impressed. Oberon made it out without any extra damage - except for a sore throat from the fiberoptic scope. Awesome.

Next step - see if our cat insurance will actually reimburse us. After all, we purchased it for emergencies like this. If they don't, my "cheap" hobby could end up costing us an extra $400. We're lucky it wasn't $1500 (which it would have been if they'd had to slice him open). Keep your fingers crossed!