Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ulta and OPI's Tiny Tinsels - Amethyst Twist

I picked up OPI's Ulta exclusive set Tiny Tinsels a while back. I'm just getting around to posting about it now.

Nice little set right? Well, truthfully, I only got this set for Amethyst Twist. Want to see it? Here she is!

Yup. A sparkly purple. You know I had to have it. It feels like everyone but me is about the greens right now and truth be told - most greens tend to remind me of hospitals so I avoid them. I'd much rather go for the yummy purples.

Jewel tone purple with raspberry purple sparkle.

As usual, nothing is lasting long on me so I'd say this is normal wear.

A nightmare, but that's mostly due to the mini bottle and brush rather than the formula itself. This one is a three coater easy - if you do thin coats.

Bottom Line

Probably not worth buying the entire set over - just get OPI Ink or Russian Navy, Zoya Yasmeen and you'll be in the ball park. None of those are really like each other, but this Tiny Tinsel is like the bastard child of the three.