Friday, December 4, 2009

Go SMiLE Day 1 - Lets see if it really works...

It feels like I'm always looking for a good tooth whitening system. Many work, but usually after a few days my teeth feel like they are going to rebel on me. I always get hit with the "Sensitivity Issue". Well, I recently purchased a 7 day Go SMiLE system and I decided to give it a shot.

I haven't read many reviews of this system, so thought I might as well log my progress while go through this in the hope of helping someone else out there.

How the GoSMiLE Stystem Works
  • You get two Ampules per day, one for the morning one for night. Use them for 7 Days.
  • Brush and floss. Always important
  • You take the ampule and squeeze it to break something inside of it to mix the solution - sort of like a glow stick.
  • Spread it all over your teeth until ampule is empty
  • Don't eat or drink for 20 minutes.
Anyway, I'm going to try to be consistent here and take a picture every morning on this system the same way. Hopefully we'll get to see some results! I will also let you know how the experience is as it goes along. I'll use the following reporting system:

  1. Picture
  2. My Perception Of Progress
  3. How Are My Teeth Feeling
  4. Any Other Thoughts

Here are my teeth before starting the system:

Taken with flash in my bathroom.
Notice -my two front teeth recently smoothed due to run in with Don't Tell Mama.

Sound good? Good.

Temptalia sort of inspired me to do this with her Crest White Strips log she did a while back. Have to give her a shout out, not that she needs it from me.

As you may know if you are a member of HauteLook occasionally there are sales on Go SMiLE. They claim not to cause sensitivity but the price tag always put me off. The set I purchased is for sale on Sephora for $89. But through the wonderfulness that is HauteLook I picked up the limited edition kit for $50. (If you aren't a member of HauteLook but would like to be, please feel free to use my invitation link.)