Monday, December 7, 2009

Go SMiLE Day 4 - Progress still coming...

Ok, with this post, I'll be caught up from the weekend. Thanks for baring with me on this!


(sorry for the toothpaste residue)

My Perception Of Progress
Still improving. My K9s are nearly the same color as my two front teeth and my lower teeth continue to improve a bit. It's like everything is evening out a bit. Now if only I didn' t love coffee and diet Cherry Coke so much.

How Are My Teeth Feeling
Fine but WOW does this start to burn when putting it on! I even started to see some of that hydrogen peroxide foam between my teeth. Guess my flossing is tearing it up a bit. But as you can also see - yes, my lips are getting chapped.

Any Other Thoughts
They did say no one experienced sensitivity in clinical studies, but they really should mention the burn!