Thursday, December 10, 2009

Go SMiLE Day 7 - Beginning the Last Day

This begins my last day on the program! YAY!
Because wait until you see my battle scars...


It's really hard not to drool while shooting these!


BUT!!!!! Look what's happened to my GUMS!

Oh dear... I'm peeling all over the place and inuring actual WOUNDS.

My Perception Of Progress
As you can see, there has been some improvement lower. The uppers are probably as good as I'll ever get them.

How Are My Teeth Feeling
Teeth, as I've been saying, are fine. But did you SEE those gums? Literally, they bleed when I brush them now. I don't know if this has happened with anyone else who has used this product, but wow. I don't know what else would have caused this type of change in my gum health in such a short amount of time.

Any Other Thoughts
Will have one more set of pictures later, showing you the final results after I am finished with the 7th day and my final recommendations.