Friday, December 11, 2009

Go SMiLE Final Review

Finally it's all overwith! I completed my last treatment last night, and took my pictures this morning.

Overall I encourage you think of the general evenness of tone rather than color itself. It is very hard for me to capture white consistently.


Lowers... I hate these pictures.

My Perception Of Progress
I do think this system helped me even out the tone of my teeth. While some of the lower ones are not as white as I would like (and still look a bit yellowish) I'm not completely disappointing.

How Are My Teeth Feeling
My teeth are fine. My gums are hell. I think it'll take a few days to recover. My lips are also very chapped regardless of chapstick application.

Final Review
I like how Go SMiLE gives you the ability to apply the treatment to the teeth that need it the most. I am INCREDIBLY happy that I did not experience tooth sensitivity - but I am very disappointed about the way it ripped up my gums. Although, given the trade off, I'd take the gum damage pain over the tooth sensitivity pain any day.

If you are thinking about trying Go SMiLE...
I encourage you to try one of the shopping sites that has sales on Go SMiLE, such as Hautelook. Unless you have severely stained teeth I would not pay full price at Sephora when you can get it far cheaper elsewhere.

Manage Your Expectations
You can only get your teeth as white as nature intended them to be with this system... which I have happily accepted off-white in my case.