Thursday, December 10, 2009

Making Accessories - Beading, My Latest Hobby

Double Chevron Bracelet

While you may have guessed from my previous post about my cat swallowing my beading needle, I've taken up a new hobby: Beading. I finally have something worth showing! I took this class at The Bead Cage in Kettering Ohio. I've made two of this type of bracelet so far. I think with the right beads, it can look quite pretty and be something that you might see in a store to purchase. Not to mention it has the right amount of sparkle to be festive this time of year!

Here are some other bracelets I've made. Two are the Double Chevron using different beads. The others are a simple diagonal Peyote stitch using different beads.

To be honest, results can look a bit "kitschy" depending on the beads and the pattern. I think this is worth pursuing, but sometimes I am disappointing by the results. What makes a beading pattern look expensive when executed? How do you stay out of the realm of childhood craft project? One of my friends thinks it's with the use of crystals, but honestly - I think crystals look cheap depending on the color and how they are used. So I really don't know.

I will continue to explore. If you have any thoughts on the questions I've raised above I'd be happy to hear them in comments.