Friday, December 4, 2009

Marquee Moon Take Two! - Ms. Lippmann Gave Me Some Advice...

This looks a lot better, no? I know - for some of you it's not your cup of tea. But I just don't want to give up on this polish.

Anyway, I got a wonderful email from Ms. Deborah Lippmann on Thursday night answering my question about the proper way of applying Marquee Moon to get the best effect. She had a lot of good tips which I'm going to share with you now:

  1. Apply a ridge filler base code - According to Ms. Lippmann this will help the sequins adhere better. She also said she recommends ridge fillers for all shimmers and glitters. I had used Orly Bonder previously. This time I used Zoya Get Even (because that's what I had for ridge fillers - thank you Zoya for sending it to me for free with that Twitter contest).
  2. Let the ridge filler dry for at least 2 minutes
  3. Apply a THIN coat of Marquee Moon - She stressed that I should "resist the urge" to continue applying to make sequins stick. They either will or they won't, and this will prevent the gloppiness I was getting before. She also said she tends to get more sequins on the second coat anyway.
  4. Apply Second Coat - Ms. Lippmann didn't say to, but I let my coat dry for longer than I usually do between coats. i think this helped a ton.
  5. Apply Top Coat
Now I think the thinner coats helped. I did use a third coat on some nails (where I wasn't satisfied with the sequins) and those nails didn't turn out quite as well as the ones where I only used two coats.

Anyway, I thanked Ms. Lippmann for her response and told her I'd try her tricks right away (which I did), and that it gave me an excuse to remove Don't Tell Mama which gave me bad reminders of my stupidity of trying to use my teeth as tools.

I also told her that Ruby Red Slippers has grown on me, and that I would LOVE to see a "Teal-Blue Slippers" in the future. Let's hope she takes my advice. I think that would be an awesome polish!

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