Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"On the Sixth Day of Christmas the Eye Candy for Me..."

... Six Sexy Cylons...

Image From The Girl From the Getto Blog via Google Images

.... Five Clive Oooooo-wennnnns!

Image from Show Hype via Google Images

... Four Fighting Helos...

Image from The 13th Colony via Google Images

... Three Jensen Ackles...

Image from The Life and Times with SDV Analeigh via Google Images

... Two Eric Northmans...

Image from Blissfully Caffeinated via Google Images

... and a Heath Ledger Under The Tree!"

Image from Cinematic Passions by Miranda Wilding via Google Images

Tricia Helfer

Ok, the first (maybe only?) woman on my list for this 12. I just couldn't make anyone else Number 6, you know? You Battlestar Galactica fans will understand that - as the undeniably sexy Number 6, Tricia Helfer created one of the most fascinating characters on TV. Even if you don't like the genre, I highly recommend watching the miniseries that started it all. You will see what I mean. She is fantastic!