Sunday, December 27, 2009

"On the Third Day of Christmas the Eye Candy For Me..."

... Three Jensen Ackles...

Image from mdarling via Google Images

... two Eric Northman's

Image from Hoge Runs... and eats! via Google Images

and a Heath Ledger under the tree!"

Image from All Access Hollywood via Google Images

Jensen Ackles... The "Blond Hotness"

My good friend Tara knew I was having a bad day a few years ago and sent me that picture of Dean from Supernatural during WORK BUSINESS HOURS to my WORK email. I just about died when I opened up that message.

Now about The Blond Hotness - back when Jensen Ackles was on Smallville he was blond. Early Supernatural he was still sort of blond. Therefore Tara and I nicknamed him The Blond Hotness. Thursdays became known, not as "Thursday", but "Blond Hotness Day". And in certain circles, I still refer to them thusly.