Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Polish - Lippman Collection's Don't Tell Mama

Beware, the following pictures are a bit deceiving. If the polish really looked like this in most lighting I'd be recommending it strongly.

And if you can stand my cuticles (they need some TLC right now), here's a close up:

Why are these pictures deceiving?
Without the aid of a flash, or the incredibly bright lights of a gynecologist's office, you can NOT tell that this polish is anything other than black. Therefore Don't Tell Mama will join my collection of Black-but-not-Quites, rather than my Teals.

First: A Cautionary Tale...
When I went to open my bottle of Lippmann Collection's Don't Tell Mama the top wouldn't budge. I did something instinctual (but VERY STUPID): I tried to use my teeth to open the bottle. It wouldn't budge. I took it to my husband and he had no trouble loosening the too tight cap. I went to apply my polish. At some point when I was finished, I ran my tongue over my teeth - and cut my tong on the small but sharp chip I had acquired in my right front tooth. I had a less-sharp one in my left tooth. Don't worry - it's all good now. The dentist fixed me up by smoothing out the teeth. But Don't Tell Mama was SO NOT WORTH the trouble. It doesn't even look teal or shimmery on the tips!

Let it be known - YOUR TEETH ARE NOT TOOLS!

Back to the review...

Technically black with loads of teal shimmer. In reality, it just looks black on the nail in most lighting.

Fine, though I discovered I am in need of a new bottle of Seche Vite. Two coats should be plenty.

I already have chips after less than a day.

The Bottom Line
Unless you just have to have it, pass. There are better Black-but-not-Quites out there. Don't let the pictures fool you.