Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bobbi Brown's Latest Twitter Sweepstakes

If you follow @AskBobbiBrown on Twitter you already know this, but Bobbi Brown is having a "Tweetstakes Contest". Wonderful blogger KarlaSugar from The Next Best Thing To Going Shopping Yourself tweeted the details. That's how I found out.

  • Each week 4 winners will be chosen at random from tweest containing the #PrettyPowerful tag.

  • They are looking for Tweets for why Bobbi Brown makes you feel "pretty powerful".
  • Contest lasts from Jan 26 through March 30th.
  • Entries should be submitted on the Tuesday of the week during the time period.
  • Apparently if you win you get some unspecified Bobbi Brown Products.
Could be cool, particularly for people like me who are curious about Bobbi Brown, but not curious enough to spend the cash. So yes, you'll see me playing a bit. :)