Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lip Gloss: Beauté Cosmetics Goddess Gloss Gift Set

I purchased myself a little treat...

Beauté Cosmetics Goddess Gloss Gift Set
Includes: Heroine, Elitist, and Chimera (Top to bottom)

I got a really good deal on it too. While this set sells for $65 on Beauté Cosmetics website, I snagged it for about $20 less from The Fairest. I have been wanting to try Beauté lip glosses for quite some time now. I remember back when they were being given their names, and was so excite to try them - especially Chimera. But I just couldn't justify the cost. Now, I finally have a few! Here's what they look like on:

Chimera is a shimmery nude-pink that's ever so slightly golden. The only gloss I have that's similar that comes to mind is MAC Lovenectar Lusterglass, which is much chunkier in texture and far more tacky.

Elitist is the "nude" of the group, sheer and creamy. It does have more pigmentation than my picture may appear to have, though. My lips are not nearly that light in color without the gloss on. It's the type of lip gloss I would wear over a nude lipstick to make it look a little more special.

Heroine is the "My Lips But Better" gloss of the bunch. She is also probably my favorite of the three. I could see myself wearing this alone without any makeup on, or with a full face, perhaps on top of other MLBB lipsticks. I know my picture is a little blurry - best I could get out of Heroine that night.

Overall I loved how smooth the glosses were, and there was no tackiness to them (compared to my usual MAC glosses). The staying power seemed comparable to MAC, in my opinion. It might just be the three I got but I'm not sure what makes these glosses so special.

There's less in the tube - 0.11 oz compared to MAC's 0.17 oz and it's twice the price. Sure, there's supposed to be some plumping action but I didn't experience any. So unless you can get it on sale, not worth it from my perspective. According to Beauté the price is $26 a tube (which might be in Canadian Dollars - I'm not sure), but that's still not worth it compared to MAC. So unless you value the texture greatly, I'd wait for another The Fairest sale.

However, look at how elegant the packaging is:

Sort of masculine but elegantly understated. I love it! Don't you wish all gift set packaging was this slick?