Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Project Runway Begins Tonight at 10 pm!

You know this type of post is partially a reminder for myself, but a new Project Runway begins at 10 pm tonight on Lifetime. Yay!

I am still a little upset that Althea Harper from Dayton did not win the last season. But oh well. I'm sure she will go on to bigger and better things. I definitely must keep an eye on her!

In other Project Runway related news, I returned from a business trip on Tuesday to my husband saying "Honey, you HAVE to watch How I Met Your Mother from Monday!". Great... sitcom. ugh. Well I turn it on and who guest stars but Rachel Bilson. Ok, not really a fan but was that why my husband wanted me to watch the show? No. It ends up the wonderful Tim Gunn was on as Barney's suit consultant! I was ecstatic! How fun! And how perfect! Sadly, Tim (as far as I could tell) did not participate in the Suit Musical Number - which would have been really cool. Check it out if you can - it was a fun episode.