Monday, January 4, 2010

Polish - Rescue Beauty Lounge Chinoise

Some might say a color like Rescue's "Chinoise" is too gaudy. And I'll bet those same people say that a Picasso doesn't match their dining room wallpaper. This amazing red is an instant pick-me-up that makes me feel like Diana Vreeland."
- Ji Beak on Chinoise in Rescue Your Nails

Am I crazy? No way would I ever pull this polish out on my own to purchase but after that wonderful sale Rescue Beauty Lounge had last month I just had to get "the Man Magnet" for myself (go visit All Lacquered Up for more on that). I'll admit that out of my entire order I was most looking forward to this polish due to it's near legendary status. Would I like it? More importantly, would my husband like it? Thus it was definitely worthy of being my first polish of the new year.

Incidentally, I don't think I've worn a true red since China Glaze's Summer Days collection, and even those are suspect.

The Color
Tomato, fake blood, hmmm... To tell you the truth, it conjures up images in my mind from the opening scene of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. I've had "Anything Goes" in Chinese stuck in my head all day...

No, you have not been lead astray with the description in Ji Baek's book - it is definitely a loud Red-Orange. But I think that this color is very difficult to capture in an image. The bottle pics in Jie Baek's book compared to on the nail make this one look more like "Glamourpus" than the Chinoise bottle pick, but the description from the book is dead on (though I didn't have any idea who Diana Vreeland was until I did a Google Search").

Smooth as butter. I used two coats here, though I probably should have done three. I used Zoya's Get Even followed by Orly Bonder, then the color, and a speed dry top coat by Orly as well. Really, though, the formula is impeccable.

Seems to be pretty darn good, as I've come to expect from Rescue Beauty Lounge.

The Bottom Line
If the Red-Orange is your cup of tea, go for it. But for me, I think I should have passed.

Is it Really a "Man Magnet"?
I remain unconvinced. I asked my husband what he thought of it and he said "uh... it's an orange-red" and shrugged. I don't think he was too wild about it. On the other hand, back in the 90s I remember seeing something on TV about men liking orange based reds more than blue based reds on an instinctual level in terms of sexual attraction, so maybe there's something to this. I also remember the same program saying that women preferred blue-based reds so maybe it's a no-win situation.