Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Polish - Rescue Beauty Lounge Smitten

Ever since I saw Rescue Beauty Lounge's Smitten in Ji Baek's book I have been "smitten" with it. I don't usually like girly pinks but for some reason I just had to have this one.

Ji Baek describes this as "Lilac" in her book, which really threw me off. I usually think of "lilac" as being a purple color. Yes, I know lilacs come in pink too (I have one in my back yard) and a variety of other colors. Anyway, this to me is more of a cross between "bubble gum" and "Barbie". It's "little girl" pink, and that's not usually something I'm comfortable wearing. I don't think I am comfortable wearing Smitten.

This was a pain. Maybe it's just my bottle, but the formula felt sluggish and uneaven when going on, almost like old polish. I was happy, at least, that once dry it didn't look like pink concrete. I used 3 layers to even this one out, and I'm still not totally happy with it.

Wonderful, actually. I used Zoya Get Even and Orly Bonder under it, and a fast drying top coat from Orly on top. Not a chip in sight after several difficult days.

Bottom Line
If pink is your thing, maybe you want this. But I generally consider this color passable.