Wednesday, February 3, 2010

At Last! I have Alice! - Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Palette

This is the first makeup palette in a very VERY long time I've felt 100% sure that I have to have. There are many other reviews and swatches and detailed descriptions of this palette online, so I really don't think I would be adding any value by providing swatches here. I just wanted to talk about my enthusiasm for this palette.

Why I Am Excited
Before this palette, I owned exactly ONE Urban Decay eye shadow - and it does NOT appear in this palette. Therefore, this was an extremely good value for me because I wanted most of the colors it provided.

I realize this is one of the chief complaints from other reviewers, that there are no new shades, that other than the novelty of the palette design with the popup, it's really not worth it for the avid Urban Decay collector.

Do I have Any Complaints about the Alice Palette? Yes
  • For the eyeshadows in general, it seems like there is more fallout than I am used to with my MAC shadows.
  • To get the eye liners out, I had to dump the palette upside down and let them fall out.
    That's a ridiculous design!
  • In the end, the popup mirror adds no value. I was truly more interested in getting the content of the box.
Alice Going Forward
I think I'm going to be playing around with the contents of this box for a while. So expect some eyes coming trickling out! There's a large variety of colors, and I feel like challenging myself.

If you own the Alice palette yourself or want to see how I might work with certain combination, please feel free to mention in comments and I'll see what I come up with!