Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Blogging Friend in Need: Vampy Varnish's Crusade Against Victoria's Beauty

If you read Vampy Varnish or follow Kelly on Twitter chances are you've heard about her current predicament. It's not a new problem - etailers have been stealing pictures from various polish and beauty bloggers for a good long while now. It just so happens that dear Kelly is getting ignored by the most recent culprit: Victoria's Beauty.

Now this isn't just a problem that is plaguing Vampy Varnish. Victoria's Beauty has also stolen several other polish bloggers images as well. Apparently, Victoria's Beauty takes the the images, slaps their own logo on the image, and does not even credit the blog from which the original image came.

If you are a polish blogger I suggest you check their site out and see if they are stealing from you as well. You never know. I never thought in a million years someone would steal one of my pics but low and behold, there it is.

If you want to get involved, Vampy Varnish suggests you contact Victoria's Beauty at:

Victoria’s Beauty
Bart & International
855 Bayway Blvd. #103
33767-2626 Clearwater Beach, USA

Read about the entire topic on Vampy Varnish.

Note: In the process of writing the above post, I discovered that like Kelly, I too am a victim of Victoria's Beauty stealing pics: If you want to see an example, here's where they stole MY picture of China Glaze's Strawberry Fields! And my China Glaze Cherry Pie... Bastards!