Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's Back! The 80 Miles in 40 Days "Quest for My Pretty" Challenge

As you may remember, although I'm not a particularly religious person, I decided to participate in Lent. Instead of giving up something, I decided to add something: Exercise. I challenged myself to run 2 miles a day for 40 days, for a total of 80 miles. Upon completion of this goal I was going to purchase myself a new pair of shoes (the ill-fated Nannette Lapore Heartbreakers).

last year I kicked the crap out of my goal and did over 100 miles in 40 days. I am not confident I can do that again. So what am I going to do this year? Pretty much the same thing. I haven't been in to the gym since last April, so this is a challenge for me.

What will be my reward? I really hope it will be a smaller dress size this time.To that end, I'm going to begin recording everything I eat for the 7 days, then start looking at what I can do better. This will be a learning process for me, and I hope that you will help me improve. Therefore, this food diary log will be PUBLIC and I'll do my best to check in with it every day.
Together we can add "Food Goals". I know one I'm going to add right away:

Food Goal - Eliminate French Fries and Cheese Sticks from diet.

Now on for the familiar ticker...

The Ticker!