Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Polish - China Glaze Sci-Fi

And here's a new addition to my collection of "Polishes that Make Your Nails Look Like the Robot Chic from Superman 3":

My husband picked this polish out for me when we were at Ulta the other (yes I actually got him into Ulta). I had previously passed on the Chrome collection from China Glaze - I wasn't really feeling it. Now I think I may have to get a few more because these have a pretty blingy/chrome finish!

This is a strong silver polish, but there is also a hint of lilac and a hint of pink in it. It looks far more lilac in the bottle than it does on the tips of the nails. I managed to capture a bit of the lilac in with this picture. Depending on how strongly the light shines on it you may not really see the purple at all.

Oh boy, if there was ever a need for a buff and a ridge filler base coat it's with this polish. This polish will show EVERY FLAW in your nail. You are forwarned. That being said, it's a thick polish and your second coat will be primarily for smoothing things out.

I used Zoya Get Even and Orly Bonder as a base, topped it off with Seche Vite. It's wearing like a dream right now. I am happy.

Bottom Line
I still think this polish is skippable, but if you absolutely must have a polish that makes you look like the robot chick from Superman 3 then this is for you! And it's just fun.